Skin Care

Skin Care Series - Part 1

We are into Summer 2021, there's still time to get your glow on and get your skin summer ready.

It is a minefield with new skincare products being launched almost weekly. I have lost count of the products I have spent money on, in an attempt to find that ‘miracle’ holy grail product that will live up to the promise it makes. It feels as if a medical degree is needed to understand the ingredients in the product’s, and what effect it will have on your skin.

I've included a quick summary of key ingredients to look out for in skincare products. I have my favourites, I swear by Neostrata glycolic foaming wash. It is a mild glycolic topical peel, with only 20% glycolic acid content. It does exactly what it says it will by desquamation of the outer layer of skin, refining fine lines, leaving it fresh and bright.

It goes without saying, before you apply any new products to your face, patch test behind your ear, or on the inside of your elbow. Allow 24 hours to see how your skin responds to any new products prior to using them on your whole face.

Every person’s skin is different, in particular for women, due to hormonal fluctuations, your skin may be more sensitive at particular times during the month.

I also love The Ordinary skincare products, I have tried and tested most of their range on my own skin. Their 10 minute exfoliating peeling solution is amazing, albeit slightly scary looking once applied. Be mindful, it is perfectly norm

al to feel a slight tingling sensation on your skin once you have applied the solution. Always read the instructions carefully be

fore you use anything on your skin. I have all of these products and periodically change between using each one depending on how my skin is feeling.

Over the next few issues, I will help you demystify skin care products, giving you the confidence and knowledge to make informed choices for your own skin, giving it the love it deserves.

Love Tricia x