Slapp the makeup app that works!

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I, like many, have tried my fair share of makeup apps and downloaded them, only to find, they don't come up to the mark and are filled with adverts, resulting in another makeup app fail. That is until I discovered the ultimate makeup app ‘Slapp’. Not only does it work, it is available to download FREE on iTunes and android.

Slapp is the brainchild of Jamila Robertson, also the creator and face behind the online beauty magazine, Blush London. For years Jamila struggled to find the perfect match for her darker skin tone. With most high street stores only offering the most popular shades to test and try instore, though some offered further, less popular shades online. With her only option and advice given from counter consultants to ‘mix shades’ to achieve the result she needed. Not only was this a further and unnecessary expense, the results left a lot to be desired. Through her frustration and desire that all women should be able to find their perfect match in foundation, she created and launched the makeup app Slapp.

Slapp uses the latest colour matching technology by analysing your selfie to give you the best concealers, foundations and tints. The best thing I love about the app, is that it not only saves me a lot of time and money. It also offers setting sprays, primers, highlighters and much more. The stock list is updated monthly, with the latest offerings from the beauty market. It stocks purse friendly (and vegan) brands like NYX and The Ordinary, through to other makeup favourites such as Benefit, Bobbi Brown, Too Faced and MAC. Huge bonus, you can purchase straight from the app, you don’t need to mess about trying to find the product online.

So, how user friendly is the app? If I can use it, anyone can! It is so simple, you can take a selfie or upload a photo of your face (makeup free of course and natural light). The app then gives you the option to highlight specific areas on your cheeks and chin. This enables the app to give you the best matches to suit your tones across your face. It gives you a graded variant of shades for your skin along with the shade and number best suited to you. All you need to do is click and see the delights on offer. Your shade will be available to shop across all the brands, so you’re in control of how much you’re looking to spend on products. Slapp also offers up the corresponding highlighters’ and concealers for your skin tone – what is not to love?!

Slapps mantra is:

Slapp is the Foundation Matching App: Making Makeup Accessible to All.

Anytime. Anywhere.

Just take a selfie and instantly shop your shade. (Jamila Robertson)

I hope you give Slapp a go, it has certainly opened me up to alternative brands I may otherwise not have considered.

Love Tricia x

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