How should you choose your bridal hair and makeup artist, things to consider?

Congratulations, you’re getting married and no doubt will be considering whether to have your makeup and hair done professionally for your big day. Speaking from experience as a newish bride myself (almost 2 years married this august). I can say, I am glad I chose to have my makeup and hair done professionally. It meant one less thing for me to think about on the day. Plus, I doubt I would have had a steady enough hand for applying my own makeup on my wedding day.

The first step is to either set up a Pinterest board for your hair and makeup ideas, or to collect ideas from magazines in a folder. This not only keeps all your ideas in one place, it helps you as bride to have some focus on what you really want for your wedding day.

As a professional bridal specialist in makeup and hair, I have a very thorough process I follow with all my brides. As a recent bride myself, I saw the benefits of this process and how it helped me tell the story of my wedding day. Every bride has a story, even if they do not recognise or see it at first.

It may start with a bride’s dress, their flowers, wedding theme or colour scheme. The whole wedding tells a story of both the bride and grooms personality and love story. Which is why before my brides have their makeup and hair trials, I ask for photos of themselves, their wedding dress, their colour scheme, wedding theme (i.e. rustic, boho, classical etc), along with a couple of hair and makeup ideas.

It sounds like a lot of information and it is but it also allows me to build an idea of where my bride is going with her makeup and hair ideas. It gives me the opportunity to be honest with my brides, whether their ideas will suit their hair type or makeup idea will work with their face/eye shape. When a bride starts information gathering, I strongly recommend looking for hair styles in your own hair colour. It does make a huge difference in how your style will look on you and in photographs.

Choose makeup styles and colour examples preferably with similar skin tone to your own and the same eye colour. Different shades of a smoky eye will produce a different visual look to the one you may imagine for yourself compared to one you may find on Pinterest.

The main thing to keep in mind, is not to try anything crazy or completely different from how you usually look day to day. Your bridal look should complement your dress style and the style of your wedding. Choosing a huge glam hair do with heavy makeup will look out of place with a rustic barn theme wedding style. A more gentle, softer bridal look would be more suitable in this case, you get the idea.

Don’t be frightened to contact many different artists and meet with them if you prefer. Choosing the right makeup and hair professional is vital, they will be an integral part of your wedding day and be with you through the most intimate part of your getting ready process. There is nothing wrong with saying no to an artist, especially if you do not feel that connection. I haven’t always booked brides I have met with and that is completely okay with me, as the relationship works both ways.

There you have it, plan some ideas beforehand if you can. If you are at a loss, a good makeup and hair artist will be able to recommend styles and looks for you. It is helpful to seek other people’s opinions on your bridal look but ultimately, it is your day and you need to feel 100% happy. Listen to your intuition and trust in your choice of professional artist.

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